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Sir Lost-A-Lot gets lost again in 2013!

2013 Maze Design
It's the Maize Maze Adventure at Belvedere Plantation, and Sir Lost-A-Lot is again our official Maize Maze mascot. (That's his family album over there on the right.)

This year, our maze theme celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Great Pumpkin Patch Stop at Rubbing Stations located in the maze to make a souvenir map.

Go A-Mazing in the Moonlight!
Yep, we turn out the lights on Moonlight Maze Night, Saturday, November 2. And after sundown, you'll want a flashlight to help you explore the paths! Bring your own, or purchase flashlights and Glo-Sticks at Cogburns.

WOW! Farm admission allows you to re-enter the maze as many times as you'd like
during the day or night of your visit.

Maze Field Trips
We offer educational field trips through the maze for students in grades 2 through high school. All field trips are by reservation only. Get more information ...

... is the addition of the Little Farmer’s maze- a smaller section beside the large main maze sized just for little guys. This section is stroller accessible (as much as a corn field can be). It does contain the optional Y Bridge with slide. Only this portion of the maze will be open Tue - Fri mornings. The entire maze (including this part) is open weekend and evening hours.

You may want to consider bringing insect repellent for evening hours, as we have a few pesky skeeters that like a nibble or two.

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